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How to Subpoena Witnesses and/or Things in Traffic Court

06 Feb

You can use the court’s subpoena power in a traffic ticket trial or criminal court case where you represent yourself. It is the way to force things or people to show up. The way to do it is to get the form, get the court clerk to sign it, and then get it served properly. Continue reading


What to Do Monday Morning After A Weekend DUI Arrest.

01 Jan

What to do first after a DUI or driving under the influence arrest: 1) get paperwork organized in file; 2) . . . Continue reading


How to Plead Guilty to Your Own DUI Case Without Hiring An Attorney

20 Dec

How to plead guilty to your own DUI without an attorney. Recommended Video. You can save thousands of dollars if you want to plead guilty to your own DUI. With a little prep time, you can do it right. Continue reading


Why It May Be a Good Idea to Demand a DMV Hearing After DUI Test Refusal

04 Nov

Why sometimes it is a good idea to challenge a DMV Suspension for Refusal to Submit to a alcohol test. Continue reading


Defenses to Driving on a Suspended License

02 Aug

Our Attorney reviews the Defenses to the misdemeanor crime of Driving on a Suspended Drivers License. Don’t Assume That Nothing Can Be Done. You have the right to a trial, and reduction is possible. Continue reading


Can a Colorado DUI Result in California Suspension? Yes.

19 Jul

Most states will honor another state’s suspension of a a driving privilege. Continue reading


Is It Possible to Get My Drivers License Back After a 2nd DUI in California?

03 Jun

There are some loopholes for reinstating a drivers license suspended after a 2nd or 3rd DUI in CA, but its not an easy task. Continue reading