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How to Subpoena Witnesses and/or Things in Traffic Court

06 Feb

You can use the court’s subpoena power in a traffic ticket trial or criminal court case where you represent yourself. It is the way to force things or people to show up. The way to do it is to get the form, get the court clerk to sign it, and then get it served properly. Continue reading


Tips for Effective Cross Examination of Police Officers In Traffic Court

17 Jan

Free Tips from a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney on How to Ask Police Officers Questions in Traffic Court. Use this free legal advice to ask effective questions that will help you win. Continue reading


Why Do We Need Defense Attorneys? Because Mark Ciavarella Proved that Sometimes Judges Are the Real Criminals.

14 Aug

The prison term and conviction for corrupt Judge Ciavarella shows that Defense Attorneys serve a vital role in protecting the public from corruption and unfairness. Continue reading