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Browsing On A Sunday: Secret Contracts, Another Dean Goes, and Let It Snow

19 Dec

The story of the missing Megaupload to YouTube gets stranger as time goes on. Universal demanded of the video featuring major artists in support of Megaupload be removed. The assumption was that the takedown request was filed in accordance with…


Google Undocumented Search Operators Out of Date and Updated

07 Dec

In response to the Google undocumented operators post from Monday, Gary Price from INFODocket, as does Carol Ebbinghouse in a comment to that post notes that the Googleguide pages are not up to date. Gary reports that the pages haven’t…


Undocumented Search Operators In Google

05 Dec

Searching Google, or any search engine for that matter, almost always offers relevant results, though with a lot of noise hits thrown in just for the fun of it. I’ve always imagined how Google might benefit from using Boolean connectors…


Your Phone Is Spying On You But You Weren’t Supposed To Notice

30 Nov

There are a number of reports in the technology press about software provided Carrier IQ to phone vendors that track what users are doing. Phone companies and manufacturers have come under fire for tracking user locations in the name of…


Browsing On A Sunday: Lobbying SCOTUS, The Legal Cloud, And Defending Law Faculty Idealism

27 Nov

The idea that deep pockets can affect congressional action is hardly a new one. What surprises me, however, is this account in The Hill, describing lobbying attempts to affect the deliberation of the Supreme Court as it considers the constitutionality…


Browsing On A Sunday: Borders Books, The Health Care Law, And The Search Market

14 Nov

Bloomberg Business Week has a lengthy analysis on the failure of Borders Books called The End of Borders and the Future of Books. The pull quote is “Borders seems to have been in the business of making mistakes.” The article…


Short Takes On The News: Some Tech, Some Scandal And Outrage, And Some Law

11 Nov

CNET has a positive review of a new reader for Google Books that is not from Google. Called GooReader, the product is described as “is a desktop application that allows you to read Google Books online and offline, add Bookmarks,…


Digital Access Isn’t Everything

09 Nov

There is a great article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) by Brian Cowan, ‘Digital Natives’ Aren’t Necessarily Digital Learners, which takes on the concept of digital natives as digital learners, and concludes that while technology may deliver…

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Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online With Help From Google

26 Sep

Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls are now available online, with more coming. The Israel Museum partnered with Google to digitize the manuscripts and make them available to anyone with a web connection. The scrolls are so fragile that direct…