How to Win the Game of Law

16 Aug
KNOW THIS: There are TWO (2) kinds of law!

If you want to win, you must learn this secret that I share with you in this Jurisdictionary Tips & Tactics!

YOU MUST KNOW BOTH KINDS OF LAW!Win the Game of Law with Jurisdictionary!

Too many of you good folks are losing (or fighting a losing battle you cannot possibly win) because you think you know the “law” and are persuaded from your studies that “the law is on your side”.

But, there are TWO (2) kinds of law!

Even if “the substantive” law is clearly on your side, you will lose if you don’t know the other kind of law!

Most losers never know why they lost.

They blame the judge, blame the system, blame the party on the other side.

Most losers never know they could have won …

… if only they knew BOTH kinds of law!

You may know the law of foreclosure, for example. You may have given the bank or mortgage company all those notices without receiving the replies required by law. You may have made all payments! Perhaps the lender doesn’t even have the mortgage or the note. The “substantive law” is on your side, and you “should” win.


Unless you know both kinds of law, you’ll lose!

You studied the “substantive law” and say, “The law is clearly on my side. The judge will be forced to give me a victory!”


That’s NOT all there is to it!

Your your fight may be about taxes, breach of contract, lost wages, custody of children, or something else — and you may know the “substantive law” pertaining to these things and be able to recite those laws backwards and forwards by memory.

But, if you stop there and rush into court demanding the judge give you a favorable verdict … and will lose!

There are TWO (2) kinds of law!

Both apply to every case.


Just having “the law on your side” is never enough!

Substantive law is the law too many foolishly rush into court with a chip on their shoulder about, demanding that the judge enforce the “substantive law” in their favor.

This is a reasonable assumption, but it’s wrong!

Knowing a bank securitized its promissory notes or that the bank no longer has proof of your debt, for example, is definitely “substantive law on your side”.

But, do you know how to prove these things?

Do you know how to use court procedure?

Do you know how to get evidence into the record?



Assuming just because “the law is on your side” that the judge should give you a victory isn’t smart!Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step

You must know what we lawyers call “procedural law” and how to use procedural law to control the judge and your opponent and his lawyers!


Procedural law is easy to learn.

It is simply:

  1. Rules of Procedure (less than 50 pages) and
  2. Rules of Evidence (less than 20 pages).


Consider the game of chess.

Imagine three chess players:

  • Player #1 doesn’t yet know the rules of chess
  • Player #2 has memorized the rules but doesn’t know how to use them tactically or strategically
  • Player #3 has been playing chess for 25 years so he not only knows how the pieces move but how to move them to checkmate his opponents

Which kind of player are you?

#1 … You don’t yet know the procedural rules,

#2 … You know the rules but not how to use them, or


In just 24-hours with my official affordable, step-by-step Jurisdictionary “How to Win in Court” self-help course you will learn secrets about procedure and evidence rules other members of my profession don’t want you to know!

If you don’t know “how to play the game”, you lose!

Smart litigants know what Jurisdictionary teaches!

Smart litigants win!

For more, go to: NOW!

My affordable 24-hour step-by-step course includes:

  • 5-hour video CD simplifies the process of litigation
  • 2 audio CDs present practical litigation tactics
  • 15 in-depth tutorials on 4th CD lay out basics
  • Instant On-Line Access while CDs are in the Mail
  • Still Only $249 (Plus $7.50 for Priority Mail)

Save legal fees!

Control judges!

Defeat crooked lawyers!

Ask anyone who has my course: “Jurisdictionary Works!”

Call Toll Free for details: 866-Law-Easy

Pro se people who use my course are winning in court!

But! Pro se people often do not get justice.


Consider the following facts:

  1. Most pro se people don’t know the rules or how to use them to win (evidence and procedure rules).
  2. Most pro se people don’t know how to prevent the lawyer on the other side from playing tricks with the rules.
  3. Most pro se people make assumptions about what is “admissible evidence” and stuff that isn’t.
  4. Most pro se people don’t know how to draft their pleadings or motions properly.
  5. Most pro se people don’t know why it’s important to write proposed orders for the judge to sign.
  6. Most pro se people don’t know why, when, or how to make effective objections in court.
  7. Most pro se people don’t understand what facts are critical to winning a case and what facts are of no consequence but only muddy the waters with court-confusing insignificance.
  8. Most pro se people don’t know why it’s so vitally important to cite controlling appellate cases in support of their pre-trial and trial motions.
  9. Most pro se people don’t know how to arrange for a written transcript to be made of all proceedings before the court, so they can control the judge.
  10. Most pro se people waste valuable court time with non-essentials, fail to appreciate the needs of others who have their own problems to bring before the court and, as a consequence, tend to make judges dread pro se cases.

Pro se people who know what I explain so simply in the official Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course are winning and even getting compliments from judges and even opposing lawyers … because they do it right!

Not all judges are “against” pro se people “just because they are pro se”. Most of the judges I knew in my 25 years were good people who cared about other people and did their best to guarantee justiceaccording to the rules.

But! You must know how to protect yourself!

Pro se parties who know the rules and how to use them to protect themselves from courtroom corruption the way my Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course makes so easy-to-understand don’t let crooked lawyers get away with their smoke-and-mirrors tricks!

The difference between winners and losers is the fact that winners know how to win and losers cry about it!

If you want to make it complicated and muddy the pond with all kinds of nutty arguments, you can do so, make the judge angry, and lose when your “evidence” isn’t admitted because it isn’t “admissible evidence”, etcetera.

You can demand your Constitutional Rights, instead of learning about causes of action and their elements that win lawsuits, and you will lose.

You can refuse to learn the rules of evidence, the rules of procedure, and the tactics and strategies my course is so popular for making easy to learn, and you will lose!


If you want to win, get my affordable Jurisdictionary step-by-step 24-hour course now and master the case-winning strategies and tactics I used for 25 years as a case-winning lawyer in state and federal courts.

There is only ONE “Official Jurisdictionary” course!

If you’re paying a lawyer, know what your lawyer should be doing to earn his fee and win your case.

If you don’t have a lawyer, know what you must do to force the judge do what’s right and prevent the lawyer on the other side from cheating.

It’s that simple.

In short, you’ll learn how to save money, maximize your winning power, and resolve conflicts peacefully and profitably … according to the rules!


Once you master the simple concepts I teach, you’ll be more powerful than most lawyers I met in 25 years as a licensed lawyer in state and federal courts as a licensed bar attorney!

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Many lawyers are afraid to upset judges, so they let things slide. They don’t object. They don’t “instruct” the judge on the law. They just lay back, take their hourly fee, and let their clients lose … and those who pay lawyers yet don’t know what Jurisdictionary teaches about winning are led to the slaughter by their own lawyer.

Sad, but true!

I know what it takes to win. I did this 25 years!

My Jurisdictionary will show you how in just 24-hours, step-by-step!

The Jurisdictionary Method wins lawsuits!

Watch my video and see for yourself how easy it is to use knowledge, stealth, and wisdom to win in court!

See what’s important, what’s not, and how to focus all your energy where it belongs: getting court orders!

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Most lawyers never learn what Jurisdictionary makes so easy-to-learn. People have been telling me since I started Jurisdictionary in 1997 that, “Your course should be required in first year law school.” But, of course, that’s not likely to happen, because what Jurisdictionary shows you isn’t politically correct! I teach you how to control judges, instead of bowing to them, I I teach you how to overcome crooked lawyers and their all-too-common sneaky tricks!

Political correctness prevents justice too often!

Winning lawsuits is a brutal axe fight!

Jurisdictionary is your axe!

Thousands of people just like you are winning with my easy-to-learn 24-hour step-by-step course. Ask anyone who has my course.Everyone loves it!

If you don’t know what my course teaches, you lose!

End of story!

Winners do what Jurisdictionary makes easy-to-learn and don’t wait until trial to get justice!

Those who learn my affordable 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary self-help course win … no matter how high the odds are stacked against them!

Winners know how to win!

Losers believe internet fables. Losers get their legal education at the barbershop or on websites or expensive weekend seminars run by people who never practiced law, never went to law school, and don’t know mud from sand about rules or how to use them to control judges.

Too many good folks believe mythological silver-bullet easy solutions to their legal problems and, as a result, are losing when they would be winning if they knew what I make so easy-to-learn in my Jurisdictionary course!

The internet is infested with hare-brained schemes that sound too good to be true … and, like the old adage says, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

Remember: The most dangerous falsehoods are ones we most want to believe!

Why not learn from a real lawyer with nearly 25 years of case-winning experience?

My course is not expensive!

People who finish my course say an average 8th grader can learn it all in a single weekend.

If you have a lawyer, you will save thousands in legal fees by knowing what your lawyer should be doing, and at the same time you will maximize your chances for success by making certain your lawyer does what should be done, instead of taking you for a ride to the poorhouse – as happens to too many good people these days.

If you don’t have a lawyer, you’ll know how to stop the opponent’s crooked tricks and control the judge!

To learn more, go to:


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